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Premio Dardos Award – Recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal in writing

I just got nominated for a second Award in the span of one week! I must be doing something ok :-) Big Thank you to Tiny Expats for nominating me for the Premio Dardos Award…Huge fan of your blog with such strong ethos of travelling with children and showing them the world🙂


Sharing this as part of  Daily Post: Express Yourself with a great expression on my 5 month old daughters face…Exactly how I felt when I received this award🙂


Expression of delight and surprise🙂

These are the description and the rules:

It was difficult to choose 15 Travel Bloggers who I would nominate for the given recognition. There are so many inspiring and fun travel blogs that I enjoy reading and following. Some I do for learning useful information about the destinations itself, some just for the style of writing and adventure stories, others for their stunning photography.

I took a little bit of time thinking about who I would recognize for incorporating cultural, ethical, literary and personal in their writing and so I pass this award to the following 15 in no particular order –

Flat Tires and Slow Boats  LOVE the personal stories and amazing photography that capture the essence of different countries, people and culture. Tim has been travelling since 1986, before the age of social media, and shares so many wonderful stories from across the globe.

One Bike One Year Combining love for travel and raising awareness on water and climate change – a cause very close to my own heart. Enjoying reading about her cycling tour around New Zealand right now.

Family Travel Times love reading about their family travel stories in UK and elsewhere and particularly like how the children also contribute to writing about their travel experiences on the blog. A real family affair🙂

World Family Travel One of the first travelling families I started following who has inspired me a lot. I I enjoy Alyson’s writing for her blunt honesty and passion for all things travel and world schooling. LOVE the cruise journeys they have done!

Five adventurers Love how Nisbah incorporates the greater outdoors, nature, teaching kids about growing food and sharing both local and international travel adventures that they enjoy as a family.

Emily Luxton Love the slow travel mode she uses and really getting to know a particular region or part of the globe. I loved reading about her South America adventures.

Travel Tales of Life “there is no time like the present to get out there, live big and laugh a lot” I couldn’t say it any better – Sue inspires me with her personal writing and insight on travels and living life to the fullest.

Marocmama Wealth of knowledge about Morocco – all things culture, food, personal relationships, destinations, where to stay, what to expect, and how can I not mention their amazing Marrakech Food Tours we experienced!

Exploramum Travelling the world with her son and giving back to the communities they visit, many inspiring stories to read about in their travels! In Ruth’s own words “love to focus on Random Acts of Kindness when we travel”

Justinpluslauren  I love their posts on ecotourism, travelling as vegans around the world and raising awareness on animal cruelty in tourism

ShereyPaul Reminds me of our family in the younger days, hiking everywhere with Shahaar and Shama as babies on our backs, not letting babies hamper the love for travelling – instead making it more enjoyable exploring the world with them!

Travel Notes and Beyond I read Anda’s posts and come out knowing that much more about the beauty, history and culture of every place she describes. Beautifully written that makes me want to visit all the places she describes!

Kan Walk Will Travel The newest blogger I have come across, Kan inspires me with her beautiful writing on travels in India which is one of our personal favourite places in the world as well as the joys of travelling moments in so many other wonderful places such as Bhutan and Hawaii

A Hole in my shoe This is how I see Ashique and I travelling years from now🙂 Lyn shows us that it is possible to enjoy couple time in mature years and still be actively cruising and enjoying life and travels!

Nomadasaurus “promote sustainable, community-based travel with a focus on long term, overland journeys” completely up our alley and LOVING reading their journey from Thailand to South Africa overland!

Many others have inspired me with their amazing stories of volunteering and giving back to the community while travelling, others on spreading awareness on sustainability in life and travels. I love come across travellers who cycle or use other modes of overland transport across the globe thereby reducing heavy carbon footprint.  Many I enjoy reading about their slow travel and really getting to know the people, culture and environment of any one place. And of course what’s close to my own heart – travelling with children, exploring the magic of this world with them, opening doors and enjoying family moments together🙂

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  1. Hi Samiya, thank you so much for this! It was lovely to be chosen and means a lot🙂 definitely beat the Monday Blues when I saw this, so thanks. Hope you are all set for your new adventure! Good luck and safe travels, we will be reading along. Much love. xxx

    • You are welcome🙂 We are also dealing with January blues, impatiently waiting for our work visas to come through so we can leave! We were supposed to leave last week, but nothing on visas yet..hoping it happens this week..Will be following your journeys too, love to your beautiful family🙂

  2. Thank you so much. We are really touched that you included us – and really enjoy your blog too. That photo of your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Love it.

  3. I really like how a description of each photo pops up with a post link. Delightful collages of your travels this week – gotta love the feet hanging out of the back of the station wagon.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

    • Thank you🙂 Just to show how tech savvy(NOT) I am, I just discovered after 8 months of blogging that I can make a gallery mosaic of our travel pictures! All part of the learning and discovery I suppose😀

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Marisol🙂 And Big Congratulations on receiving the award yourself, very well deserved! I am hooked to your Antarctica journey posts and have been reading other travel stories as well..such gorgeous photography! Look forward to reading and sharing your future travels:-)

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